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Maximize your income with us

At Colville & Dippel, LLC, we believe our reporters are our strongest asset, and our actions prove it: We are the only local Arizona firm which pays on billings rather than receipts, so you get paid promptly for any job you do for us. And as a forward-thinking organization, we provide our reporters with convenient benefits so you can be more productive and efficient.

If you are wondering which would be the best firm to work for, compare our benefits with the competition and then give us a call!


Benefits of working for Colville & Dippel, LLC

Accomplish more & do it in record time

Whether you access our online office through a browser on your computer or via a mobile device, you will be able to do more in less time. You do not have to wait for our regular office hours to get answers or turn in jobs. Our easy-to-use online office is available 24/7.

By using multiple search criteria to focus your online search, you can find information and files quickly. You can view information and download files whenever and wherever you need them. When you are working on a transcript, you can enter important job information in the Turn-in Wizard as you go. And when you are ready to turn in your files, the wizard will remember everything you already entered. And if you ever need help with any of this, it’s also available online.

Share and download files
You can share files with other reporters on the same case easily with our online file repository. Upload files, such as a case dictionary, to the repository. And download files whenever and wherever you need them, then view them onscreen or print out hard copies.
View and print pay statements online
Instead of waiting for correspondence from our office, you can always find your current and previous pay statements online and download PDF versions. If you’d like a hard copy for your records, you can print one from your browser.
Download worksheets online
Get your job worksheets whenever you need them from our online office. Worksheets contain everything you need to know about a job — they even include a link to MapQuest directions to the job location. If other reporters worked on the same case previously, their contact info is listed on the worksheet for your convenience.
Check your calendar and upcoming pay on your mobile device
If you want to check your schedule or next paycheck amount, there’s no need to call us. Just log in on your mobile device. The information is always current, so you can check details of upcoming jobs and see which of your turned-in jobs has been invoiced. You can also find this information by logging in on your computer.
Turn in jobs online

When you finish a job, you can turn it in quickly online with our easy Turn-in Wizard. After you log in to our online office, select the job from your list of outstanding jobs. It already has its basic job information filled in.

All you have to do is update the information, such as entering witness and depo information, attorney orders and any special instructions for the office, then upload the file(s). The wizard guides you through the process so you don’t miss a step, and it includes drop-down menus and previous orders so you don’t have to type a lot — all of which makes the process go quicker and gets your jobs billed sooner.

Acknowledge jobs from your mobile device
If you have a mobile device, you can log into your online schedule with it. You can check the full details of an upcoming job, even get MapQuest directions, and acknowledge the job — all in the palm of your hand. No phone calls. No computer.
Receive job alerts on your mobile device
When we have a job for you, we’ll send you an instant text message with basic job details. You don’t have to worry anymore about missing a possible job because you were out. Wherever you are, our job notification will find you — text messages are more reliable than calls to your cell phone. And you won’t be interrupted in the middle of something by a call from us — you can check your messages at your convenience. Plus, we make acknowledging the job just as easy.
Get paid faster

In addition to paying on billings rather than receipts, we pay reporters twice monthly.

Plus we offer direct deposit so you don’t have to wait (and worry) for a check in the mail. What is billed by the 15th, you get paid for on the 1st; what is billed by the 1st is paid on the 15th.

And if you ever want to know what your next paycheck includes, you can quickly find out online or on your mobile device.

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