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Colville & Dippel offers a full array of court reporting and litigation support services including videoconferencing,  real-time/Internet streaming, and legal videography. From pretrial discovery document management through worldwide scheduling and online access of transcripts, exhibits, and invoices, we have you covered.

Schedule a deposition, videoconference, or reserve a conference room faster and more conveniently

To schedule a deposition or videoconference, reserve a conference room, or schedule one of our other services, you may contact us by phone at 520-884-9041, use our SCHEDULE NOW feature located at the top of this screen, e-mail us at Scheduling@ArizonaDepos.com, or, if you are currently a Colville & Dippel, LLC member, log into your account with us.  If you are not a member and wish to have access to a full complement of member services, call us, and we will give you a user ID and password.  You can then sign in, schedule a deposition, and send related files such as notices or exhibits in one quick online transaction.

Try our PDF transcripts, online case repository, exhibit hyperlinking, and other services

Colville & Dippel, LLC offers PDF condensed transcripts and is the only firm in Tucson with online case repositories and calendar checks, easy online deposition scheduling, one-click cancellations, and downloadable invoices.

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