IMG_1378Colville & Dippel, LLC has more Registered Merit Reporters and Certified Realtime Reporters than any other firm in Tucson. We provide transcripts in hard copy and electronic formats, exhibit- and index hyperlinking, realtime reporting, videoconferencing, Internet streaming, videography, translating services, and a full array of additional litigation support tools, including online scheduling and invoice management, as well as online case repositories.

Our facilities include five fully equipped conference rooms featuring the latest in high-definition videoconferencing/webconferencing technology.  And, of course, high-speed wireless internet is available.

If your deposition or meeting brings you to our Tucson office, in order to make your visit as efficient and pleasant as possible, refreshments are served all day long and a complimentary lunch is provided for those proceedings lasting through the lunch hour.  Of course, our office staff is available for assistance with any administrative needs you may have during your visit, and we have abundant free parking adjacent to our building. [more…]

Convenient location: We are within 15 minutes of Tucson International Airport, next to downtown, and one mile from University of Arizona and University Medical Center.


Conveniently schedule a deposition, videoconference, or reserve a conference room in town, around the country, or around the world with one call or online booking

To schedule a deposition or videoconference, reserve a conference room, or schedule one of our other services, you may contact us by phone at 520-884-9041, use our SCHEDULE NOW feature located at the top of this screen, e-mail us at Scheduling@ArizonaDepos.com, or, if you are currently a Colville & Dippel, LLC member, sign in at the left side of this screen. If you are not a member and wish to have access to a full complement of member services, call us, and we will give you a user ID and password.  You can then sign in to schedule a deposition and send related files such as notices or exhibits in one quick online transaction. [more…]


Try our PDF transcripts with exhibit and index hyperlinking, online case repositories, and other services

Colville & Dippel, LLC offers PDF transcripts, and is the only firm in Tucson with online case repositories and calendar checks, easy online deposition scheduling, one-click cancellations, and downloadable invoices. [more…]